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kimaken in mag7ficfind

Looking for Another Story...

Someone on the Yahoo Mag7FicFinders List asked if there were any earthquake stories, particularly any with lots JD and Ezra. I recalled one plot but couldn't remember the title or author. Here's what I could remember--I hope someone here can tell me where I can re-find this story!

Here's what I remember, if it jogs anyone's memory: it's ATF, the whole team goes to Los Angeles for a law enforcement convention; there were only 2 vehicles left to rent so Ezra and JD end up driving a little VW. Anyway, they get to the hotel and the guys get into the hotel to check in; either JD or Ezra remembers he left something in the car and both guys head back to the hotel's parking garage when an earthquake hits. Part of the team is trapped in the elevator on the way up to their rooms; I think Vin was taking the stairs and manages to climb into the elevator car to help get the
guys out. Ezra and JD get trapped in the garage with Ezra badly injured.

Does anyone remember this?

Thanks for your help!


Found IT!!! ^^

That would be Sense of Adventure by The Immortal


Re: Found IT!!! ^^

That's it--thank you! You're such a gem!

Re: Found IT!!! ^^

I just typed in Ezra JD Volkswagen and voilá.
I actually read this a long time ago and it was still saved on my cache. :P

So you're lucky 'cause I've seen your post a week ago? at the Yahoo Mag7ficfinder.
You were probably thinking no one would find it when all the others kept asking about other eartquake stories. -_-; Ask about one and you get a whole recommendations post.


Re: Found IT!!! ^^

Now I know who to contact if I need another story search! I tried Mag7 fanfiction, Ezra, earthquake but didn't find the story! LOL

I'm so glad to have found the M7ficfinder LJ comm--many times requests on the group get forgotten unless someone knows the answer right away. On the plus side, you get links to other stories you may have read and forgotten or sometimes even stories you'd never read!

Thanks again for your help!

Kimaken (aka Kim K. on the Yahoo Mag7 lists)
That one I was aware of, but the person on the Yahoo Groups list specifically said Ezra and JD, so that was the one I was looking for. However, KT is quite good so I'll go enjoy re-reading this story!

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