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goddessaeaa in mag7ficfind

Vin joins the ATF/Vin OW

Hey guys,

I've only recently started reading Mag7 fic so to get me startedI have a couple of requests.

1. Does anybody know any fics where Vin joins the ATF after all (or part) of the seven are part of the team?
2. Any fics where other members of the seven are discussing or thinking about Vin (i.e his personality/relationships with the others etc). Either ATF or OW
3. Any fics where theother members of the seven hurt Vin in some way. Either physically or emotionally.

As you can see I'm a Vin girl!

Any help is appreciated
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Thank you for the links. I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight lol.
Just to let you know, Blackraptor's rules don't allow sharing adult links directly. They have a page where you can ask for the link to the adult page after providing them with an age statement.
Will do. ta
Oh, bugger. Sorry about that. Should I flock this, or remove the link or something? I took these from my private stash, so I never saved that page where you ask for the link.


Please use this URL

Please replace the link to the adult Vin page with this one:
http://blackraptor.net/m7fic/adult.htm and the link to the story Fission with this one:
Thank you, Nancy

Re: Please use this URL

Absolutely, I'll do that immediately. Thanks for the links!
...and Nancy who maintains Blackraptor already provided you with the links.

No need to flock the post, just replace the links you already have up - both the one to Blackraptor Adult Vin and to the Fission/Conversion story. The goal is to help others find fics. Thank you for taking the trouble to find these for us!
No problem! I just deleted the original comment and reposted with corrections. I'd never rec'd before, so I guess now I know the protocols!



Just thought you might want to know, Blackraptor doesn't allow for adult fics to be linked directly. You can give the fic title and link to the adult verification page instead.

EDITED with proper links to the warning page, sorry again!

As a fellow Vin girl, I feel I must respond! Ah, I don't really keep track of individual stories (really, I'm over at ficfinders all the time) but here are some lovely Vin-centric websites you can explore!

http://blackraptor.net/m7fic/adult.htm (does what it says, adult-rated Vin stories)
http://assignations.org/skiptrace/ (great AU, not a lot of Vin mostly Buck/Chris slash but when Vin shows up he has a great part)
http://www.deathdogs.net/mag7.html (this is a guide for newbies, perfect!)
http://wordsmiths.net/Maygra/ (one author, she's brilliant)
http://m7slash.com/index.php (automated archive, you can search by character)
http://wafline.homestead.com/stories.html (list of gen Chris/Vin h/c stories!)
http://themuse77.homestead.com/ (some good stuff here)
http://www.thebrowsery.us/gilhale/m7-toc.html (also some good things)
http://dnf.slashcity.org/index.php (says Chris and Buck on the tin, but you can also search for Vin fics, and they have some good ones!)
http://blackraptor.net/m7fic/index.htm (the big one, and you can search by character)
And the only fic I keep track of:
Fission by Farad (you'll have to search for her, I guess)
Kind of dark and heavy, lots of h not a lot of c, very slashy and some noncon, but excellent, and well written and a really gripping idea for an AU, especially when the ATF AU is dominant in this fandom. If it's your cup of tea, I definitely would recommend it.


Fission is not hard to find - just click on the F for either story titles or authors (for Farad). It's a quirky, dark story, but the premise is highly original. It's not easy to find something that hasn't been done to our boys, but Fara managed to do just that.
have you tried this retirw on fanfition.net. there are some great stories by this author


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