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needfire in mag7ficfind

Buck/Inez series, Ezra marries, Ezra Inez friendship fic

Hey all,I have been searching for a series that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of. It's Buck and Inez, Ezra is like a younger brother to Inez and is there for her as Buck and Inez come closer and later get married. Inez has a younger sister who comes for the wedding [I think] Ezra falls for her but she has been harmed in the past and has to take things slow.
FOUND "How the river feels series"

I am an Ezra girl and other than Setcheti's fic are there any stories with Ezra as a family man married with children. Or just married.

Also any fic where Ezra and Inez have a brother sister relationship.


There's the MCAT series on Blackraptor--however, it's mostly the "Fab Four" (Chris, Vin, Buck, & JD), but in one of the stories, Ezra does get married. Of course, all the other guys end up with lots of children (Vin marries an illegitimate daughter of Chris), but I don't think Ezra and his wife have any--perhaps that will happen in a future addition to the series.

The series is quite good, but I find it has way too many non-canon characters that take away from the original 7 guys, and of the 7 originals, Ezra doesn't have a big role in this series.

Here's the link for the beginning of the series: http://www.blackraptor.net/MCAT/Gen/index.htm

Thank you! I looked at the MCAT before and was a little let down that Ezra was seen so little. I heard though that the author was going to write an Ezra section. So fingers crossed.
Thank you again for the reply.
There is another story which I simply LOVE--someone had been seeking this story out and when someone gave the link, I checked it out, too. If you're a Buck fan, he's not at his best in this story, as it's totally Ezra and Inez centric. It's OW; Ezra discovers Inez is pregnant and she confirms that Buck is the father but fears he either won't want to marry her or won't stay faithful to her if they did marry. I think you'll like it. It's called "Month to Month" by Madraf.

Here's the link: http://www.blackraptor.net/m7fic-34/monthtomonth.htm
Thank you! I love this fic and have it on my favorites list.
Someone was looking for Ezra/Li Pong stories and a reply directed the person to one of Jessie Jane Cheshire's series of stories. That reminded me that Jessie Jane also did an ATF series where Ezra loses his hearing, which changes his position with the team, and he marries a woman who works in the ATF research library. Since you're looking for married Ezra stories, you might enjoy this series, too.

Here's the link to Jessie Jane's ATF stories; look for the "Silence" series:


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