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misc- Facepaint fairy

kaitlia777 in mag7ficfind

Looking for an Ezra fic

The fic I'm looking for had an African American woman, I think her name was Rose or something similar,  who used to work for Ezra (not a slave) coming to town looking for him.  He had been a lawyer, went off to war and his wife and daughter were killed.    He thought Rose was dead and she thought he was dead, but saw the Jock Steele dime novels and came looking for him.  They were like family

Thanks in advance for any help!


You are looking for the Gambler's Heart series.


Rosa May first appears in part 3 "The Gambler's Reunion"
Thanks for the rec, it's great, but not the one I was looking for
Are you sure? Because you are exactly describing what happens in story 3.

She was his housekeeper, not a slave. He was a lawyer, went off to war, leaving his pregnant wife Christina and his little daughter - I think Emily Rose - and when he returned they had been killed by union soldiers (negro soldiers which was used as an explaination why he didn't want to ride with Nathan at first). He thought Rosa May was dead because he saw three graves. The third one was acutally for a neighbour who tried to help or something like this. Rosa May thought he was dead, because shortly before the attack they got the message that he came down with swamp fever and it wasn't looking too good.
Rosa May comes to Four Corners after she has seen this novel with Ezra's picture on it. And so on.

I'd be really surprised if this wasn't the one.
Oh you're right! I looked at part 3 of a gamblers heart! Thanks!



Zilpah, the one with Nathan's Sister

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