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kimaken in mag7ficfind

Looking for alternate LB ATF AU story--Ezra raises little Vin

I'm looking for a story that's a variation of the Little Britches ATF AU. What I remember is that for some reason (I forget why) Ezra gets a DNA test done for little JD and discovers that little JD is really Adam Larabee. The news shocks the team and results in major changes...little JD and Chris bonding, Buck feeling left out, and little Vin feeling confused and abandoned. Little Vin acts out and ends up in the hospital with everyone (except Ezra) against him. Ezra arrives and takes Vin away, quits the ATF, and raises little Vin by himself. It ends with Vin graduating from high school and inviting the team to come as a means of reconciation.

Oh, also--this fic was on a Mag7 Yahoo Group list, but I don't think it was ever sent to one of the archives.

Does anyone remember this story?



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Sounds awesome!

I hope someone is able to find this story for you. It sounds amazing and something I would very much like to read:)

If it was on a Mag7 Yahoo group list, but not at one of the archives, then it's probably at Mag7Kids... Because I know I've read that story! I'm not a member of many groups, and this one specialises in Kidfics so it's probably at that one. Sorry I'm not much help. Maybe someone there will know it?
The story is called "It's the End of the World as We Know It". And as berkie88 pointed out it was only posted to the Mag7Kids YG but no where else as far as I know it. The story was posted on May 24th 2006, posts #8228-#8234.
Thanks to all for your replies, especially sylumfitzgerald! If anyone wants to read the story, let me know and I'll send it to you once I copy/paste all the parts into one document.
Thanks for the offer, I'd love to read it! :)
Anyone who wants the story, please give me your email addy (unless you've already done so!).

I'll get it out to you tonite!

Hey, could you send it to me too at wholierthanthou@hotmail.com
Thanks a lot
I'd like to put in a request too. My addy is dj_aida78 [at] hotmail dot com.


I am interested as well. My address is blackhatdesign@gmail.com. Thank you so much for offering this to everyone.
I'd like a copy too My e-mail addy is : slvr_tgr99@yahoo.com thank you so much.
I'd like a copy as well, please

I would also like a copy, please: militaryjag@yahoo.com


Me too

Please send it to me at
I too would love a copy to read, thanks! tpena19@yahoo.com


If you're still sending

Would you please include me on the email request?
Many thanks.

I would love a copy too please :-) nerual_hedgehog@hotmail.com
Could I add another request for a copy?

bethy 707 at gmail dot com --> no spaces

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