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Apr. 20th, 2017



looking for "Chris “The Charmer” Larabee" by Lady Catherine Dunbar (Kelly)

I could not find any active link to this story. Is it still avaiable somewhere?


Apr. 19th, 2017


Vin and JD Switch

What is the name of the story where adult Vin and JD switch with LB JD and Vin in the atf universes? I can't find it and I forget who wrote it. Arghh!!


Azombiewrites missing page

Did they take the site down? I just tried to find a story from there and the linkmwasnt working. Oh plz dont say its gone. Does anyone know if they post anywhere else?


Apr. 9th, 2017



Ezra and Vin strong friendship (ATF Universe)

Hi! I'm looking for stories in the ATF AU that show Vin and Ezra have a really close friendship (not necessarily leading to slash but I'm ok if it does). Maybe Ezra helps Vin with a youth center in his neighborhood or Vin helps Ezra finally unpack his condo and decide it's o.k. to stay in one place a while. Perhaps Ezra finds out that Vin cooks southwestern menus that he loves and they get together for meals. Vin likes to discuss books he reads and Ezra appreciates his efforts against dyslexia. Anything where they help one another or just hang out together. Bonus if the team doesn't realize that they spend a lot of time together and are a little surprised to find out that they do considering how "different" the two are.

I'm also looking for a specific fic along the lines of my request above. Unfortunately I do not recall much of it except for there is a scene where Vin goes to Ezra's place for Ezra to help him study (I can't remember if it was for his GED or if it was some job related course. (It's not the story Tests by CMurph).

Thank you in advance if you can find that particular story or for any recommendations you can provide.
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Apr. 8th, 2017


Chris Undercover and team doesn'tknow, Gen

Chris is undercover and the team thinks he is dead. There is even a funeral and Chris is there but has his hair died black I believe. Vin and Ezra wind up at the ranch where Chris sneaks in to check on them. Vin and Ezra figure out he's alive after reviewing everything.


Apr. 7th, 2017


Chris Larabee is dead??

I'm looking for an ATF story where Vin and Ezra are suspended because they were pursuing leads to excessively. Chris in the meantime usn't very aware. They eventually find him. Any suggestions on where to look?


Apr. 6th, 2017


The Desperado's Daughter story Personal Non Grata

This is a very good ATF story but it stops before the end. Poor JD is in serious trouble, Ezra is on the run/con, Nathan is shot. Does anyone know if the story was ever finished.

Also does anyone know if Lumina has been writing, I'm hoping she will finish Burning Leaves as some of the boys are in trouble in that one. Thank you


Apr. 1st, 2017



Specific Vin fics

Hello everyone. It's supposed to be Spring time but you'd never know it here in New England. As it is snowing, sleeting and all around cold and miserable out,I am curling up with my favorite stories and keeping warm.

However, I have found that I am missing some bookmarks and would like locate those stories.

All of them are centered around Vin.

1. A story about Vin joining the team and starts with him as a bounty hunter going after a criminal that is part of a bust Team 7 is conducting in a warehouse and Vin had been hiding out in a crate waiting for the bad guy. He ends up chasing the bad guy along with Chris and ends up saving Nathan's life.

2. Another Vin joins the team, where he gets hurt and Chris takes him out away from the city to Vin's camp spot where he has a Winnebago that Buck calls Vinnebago. The bad guys go out there to get Vin. Also I think he gets caught in explosion at his apartment when he stops a little girl from opening the door. (That might be another story and if so, I'm looking for that one as well.)

3. Oh surprise, another Vin joins the team.....this one has him as a bounty hunter and he's following a perp and sees the bad guy put a bomb under Chris' car, saving Sarah and Adam when he stops them from getting in the car. Later he gets kidnapped when he tries to stop Adam from getting taken and protects Adam.

4. This part my actually be a different story or part of one I'm looking for above, I'm not sure, but it has Vin joining Team 7 and having to take classes and Vin aces the procedure test, being the only agent to secure the room properly and locating the drugs but he runs out on another test because of his dyslexia.

Thank you in advance.

FOUND! - All stories have been found - Please see comments. Thank you everyone!

Mar. 26th, 2017


Vin overhears plot involving the Vice President

As above stated. A modern day fic, which I am sure I read on Blackraptor.

I read it so long ago I cannot remember what the actual outcome was meant to be, but either the fictional Vice President or someone very high in the political arena was involved in a plot to do something highly illegal... (maybe a political coup?)

Vin was taking care of gang members in Purgetory and overheard the plot and was injured (shot?) during his getaway, he was paranoid being in the hospital, and the rest of the seven agree to road-trip to get Vin to an audience where he wont be ignored.

It was a fantastically written fanfic, and the plot was very well-plotted and intriguing.

Mar. 25th, 2017


LFS - JD as BAD!JD - manipulating the others

This OW story is from a while back; it was short. JD is main character. He is contemplating what he's done / accomplished and gloating to himself. He's in a hotel or boarding house or saloon room (maybe Ezra's?), upstairs and looking out a window at the town in the early morning. Thinking about how he's 'conned' the whole team, manipulated their attitudes and ended up alienating them all from Ezra, whom he decided he 'wanted' for himself (this is SLASH though nothing happens in the actual story). At the end of the story / scene, he looks back at the bed where Ezra is sleeping...

Very moody, dark piece. Darned if I can remember title or author, but I would like to reread it. MAC

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