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Back again and looking for more (stories)

1) I think this one is Magnificent 7. It's a sort of post-apocalyptic story with nothing computer-related working. Someone invented a virus that just about wiped out humanity. A computer tech in Europe introduced a virus that wiped out anything but the most basic machines, just before he died from the human virus, and a quote from the story is "some people were in rooms with no outlet and died a horrible death" or something like that.

2) Crossover with "Sentinel". The Seven, Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg are all in a plane that's hijacked. The hijackers think that Chris and Vin are married to each other.

3) This was on the AOL website that was shut down. All I saw of it was "Chris waited, naked with a hood over his head".

4) Ooops! I forgot about this one. I had the "Pantheon", where the seven are ATF agents by day and superheroes by night, marked as a favorite website. Now, I can't get to it. Need some help on this one too.

Does anyone know these stories? Thanks.

Second story found. Can anyone find #'s 1, 3, and 4?


#2 is Just Our Luck, by Lady Angel.

I'm sorry - I don't know the other two.
Thank you for it.
Does anyone know #'s 1, 3, and 4? I'm still looking.
I'm not sure butI think Nr. 3 is "Getting kinky" by Julia Verinder. It's a series with the sence you described in the last part. She had a page at aol, but it was closed down last fall. her Stories are getting transferred to blackraptor adult. Hope this helps a bit.
Thanks, it helps a lot.

Number one found

I found the first myself. It's the 'Genesis Troop' series and can be found on www.Blackraptor.net. Select 'Authors', then 'J', then scroll down to Jaye B


It's been years so you might not still be looking, but the Pantheon series is on blackraptor now, I believe. Author is ElenaRoan.

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