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I lost it!

I am really hoping someone can help me. I had two stories booked marked and I went back today to reread the stories and the site is gone. *cry*
The two stories are written by the same author and where set in the ATF universe.
In the first story Ezra is Kidnapped by a mad doctor, who he put in jail. The doctor tries to kill Ezra with a machine that is suppose to disintergrate him. It doesn't work and instead Ezra becomes a snow lepored. Ezra escapes and makes it back to the seven, who figure out the animal in Ezra.

The secound story is also ATF, but not related to the first. Vin has a sore tooth and wont go to the dentist, so Chris makes him. The dentist uses to much novacane on Vin. He becomes very high and "borrows" a police bike. The rest of the seven and half the police depatment chase after him. High Vin and Chris are talking over the radio during this chase.

Please someone tell me another place the author might have these stories.
Pretty please and thank you.


Thank you for the help. I have saved the stories. I am sad, I was really hoping the writer had moved to a new website. I really liked her work.

Thanks again, I never even thought to use the wayback site.
Second one sounds like "Danger Dentist." I had to use the Wayback machine to find a link: http://web.archive.org/web/20060311045744/http://www.cd.stewart.btinternet.co.uk/Danger_Dentist.txt
Thank you, I have difficulty using the wayback machine.

Thanks again =)


C. D. Stewart

This author has some of her stuff posted as "The Cat's Whiskers" on fanfiction.net (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/818917/The_Cats_Whiskers). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like any of the Magnificent Seven stories have made it over there.


The Cat's Whiskers has just begun to post "Animal Magic" on FanFiction . net. She's split it into chapters - there's three so far, and it looks as though it'll probably take 5 to 7.

Here's hoping "Danger Dentist" follows.

Probably wouldn't hurt to leave some reviews for her.


"Animal Magic" and "Danger Dentist" have both just been posted by The Cat's Whiskers at both BlackRaptor and FanFiction .net.

There's been some slight revision and backstory added, at least to "Animal Magic". They're now labelled "MCAT - ATF".


RE: Danger Dentist (author's note)

"Danger Dentist" has an author's note giving the quote that inspired the story, and asking for help in finding where it came from. I just spotted the source the other day. It's verbatim from the second chapter of Heather F.'s "Changes in Attitude" on Blackraptor.


BOTH "Danger Dentist" and "Animal Magic" have just been posted (with slight revisions and refurbishing) by The Cat's Whiskers to FanFiction .net and to BlackRaptor.

Judging by the backstory added to "Animal Magic", I'm wondering if she's intending to eventually incorporate it into a longer series she has in mind.

She's lost about 40% of her stories when her provider failed, so anyone who has some of her material from her old site to please get in touch.


The Cat's Whiskers has recently posted both "Danger Dentist" and "Animal Magic" to FanFiction . net and to BlackRaptor.

"Animal Magic" has been filled out with some backstory and is labelled as part of the MCAT AU.

Mayhem ensues.

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