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Jul. 21st, 2016


Lady Angel's Archive? Is it still up and what is URL?

Hello all, I used an old bookmark to  reach Lady Angel's - and it was no longer there. Does anyone know if it still exists and what the URL is for it? MAC

Jul. 17th, 2016


ATF or Modern story

Good day, I hope you can help me with the following. I'm looking for a story set in the modern/ATF universe where Mary does not like the attention Vin is getting from Chris, so she tries to kill him. I remember a part where the guys were meeting up for a lunch and she gives Vin some of her medication and tells him that he can fly? There is a scene in the barn where everyone is trying to get Vin not to jump... that's all I can remember.

Does anyone know of the story? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jul. 15th, 2016



I am looking for a story that occurred after Ezra lost the saloon to his Mother. I remember that he smashed the mirror in his room and  Vin was helping him and would not allow Nathan to come  up to the room because of what had happened with Nathan, JD and I think Josiah when Maude had used them to make sure Ezra lost his saloon.

Jul. 14th, 2016


Aussie located stories for the Magnificent Seven?

I got to thinking, there are several wonderful Australian writers amongst the Mag7 community, but I have never read a story with the boys down under. Does anyone know if there are any such stories? MAC

Jul. 2nd, 2016


Chris and Ezra injured

I just read a story and need to find it again. Chris and Ezra are out on a job. Ezra plays poker and the local ranchers brother loses the payroll and claims Ez cheated. Chris and Ez leave but are ambushed by Andy, Hank, Jacob,and one other. Chris is pretty injured Ez gets Chris to help the brother of the guy chasing them they meet Dr. Jennifer O'Neil who is a friend of the rancher. I need to find the story and auther. Thank You.


LFS - old story, OW, Ezra tortured in cave by gang's crazy blonde indian...

This is a very old long story. I would love to reread it but can't remember much. It is OW and somehow the seven are after a gang, out in the desert/ mountain wilds. Ezra is separated and captured by the gang; includes a young woman/girl who is rather like a servant to the gang, cooking etc. E is held in a cave and badly abused / tortured first by the gang, then left to their crazy white indian to 'play' with. Somehow, E and girl escape and are rescued by the 7 but E is very withdrawn and the girl is the one who tells the tale though she doesn't trust the seven to care for E. These are only fragments of the story, but all I really can remember. Please let me know if you recognize it or can direct me to where it might be found. Many thanks in advance! MAC

FOUND IT!! - The Past Redeemed by Sue Bartholomew - at the gen Black Raptor site.

Whew, I knew it was somewhere and it is a long angsty great read, I recommend it to all!! (Especially those who like angst for Vin, Chris, and Ezra!)

Jun. 27th, 2016


Em7 Universe

Hi all! I'm looking for stories in the Em7 universe by Brigitta B. I'm especially looking for a novel called "Travelling Companions." Can anyone help?

Jun. 25th, 2016


Chris hit by drunk driver

Hi. I am looking for a fic where Chris is hit by a drunk driver. Vin goes nuts in the hospital trying to get to the driver and Dr. Stone stops him.


Jun. 16th, 2016


Alternate Universe: Two Bloods

I just read a story called The Wolf is at the Door. It says it is part 4 of Joe Lawson’s Two-Blood Universe and that website is closed. Are those stories still available anywhere?

Jun. 7th, 2016


Nathan being totally crappy and nasty to Ezra or Vin

I'm looking for works where Nathan is totally out of line or nasty to either or both of Vin and Ezra. They can be slash or not. Just curious to see what is out there. Thanks
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