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Dec. 19th, 2014


mental bond

I'm looking for this OW story (or series, I'm not sure). The main thing I remember was that mental bond between Chris and Vin has expanded  to include Ezra. They could speak in their heads, and Ezra and Vin started sort of merge together on occasion. Also, at some point it turned out that Sarah and Adam were alive.

I really hope that somebody knows what I'm talking about

Dec. 15th, 2014

Lynda Kaye Boots


I'm looking for a deathfic. Chris, JD and Buck have died. Ezra lost his left arm but is sherriff in 4C. Vin left town but is in the area. I'd like to read it again. Thanks for your help.

Dec. 10th, 2014


Author Leigh Richards

Does anyone know where the story Shades of Grey by Leigh Richards can be found?
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Dec. 8th, 2014


Chris at odds with Ezra

Looking for a story where Chris sends Ezra out on patrol knowing that the way he sent him has outlaws waiting to ambush anyone going that way. Vin gets mad at Chris for it. Ezra ends up badly injured at Kojays camp. I think the indians call him Red Fox.

Dec. 3rd, 2014



ATF AU with Texas Rangers

So, I'm looking for a specific fic. It was an ATF AU and one clear thing I remember is that there was a job that went bad, and the team (or possibly just Ezra? maybe he was undercover?) ended up being saved by Texas Rangers, possibly because Vin had been a Texas Ranger at one point. It might have been Vin/Ezra, but it could have been gen.

Found! "Texas Hold 'Em" by Carolyn10 

Dec. 1st, 2014

mag7 + teehee;


Little Ezra Fic

Hey all. I'm looking for a little Ezra story that takes place on an island, where he and the others are left stranded after a plane crash. I remember that Chris and Buck were escorting a criminal, who is the main villain in the story. I've tried to look for it using Google, but I guess my Google-fu isn't strong enough.

If you guys could help me out with the title and/or author, I'd truly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Story is Changes in Latitude, part of the High and Dry Stories by Purple Lacey.

Thank you pesogal :)

Nov. 28th, 2014


LFS: Gambling on the Future

Hello all. I was planning on reading this story cause its one of my all time favs, but when i went to read it on (only to discover it missing) i tried LJ, only to find the author (pygmymuse) has purged their account! Anyone have a copy or a working link or anything really?

Thanks in advance!

Nov. 17th, 2014



Lost Christmas Fic

I'm looking for a Christmas fic set in OW. A family comes into town and the littlest (?) girl goes into the saloon mistaking Ezra for Santa. (It's his red coat, lol) Later the father leaves the kids on their own while he goes off to another town to work. Ezra, and then gradually, the rest of the Seven, get to know the kids and start helping them out. By the time the father returns, the kids have gone from barely having enough food to get them by, to having a fully functioning homestead with lots of food, and jobs working for Nathan gathering herbs and such that he doesn't have time for.

Does anyone else remember this one? It's very old, but the last time I read it was several computers back and thus I have lost the link. Thanks in advance, Annette

Nov. 16th, 2014


LFS: Three Faces?

Alright, so, I've been looking around for the past couple days, an i cant,for the life of me remember who wrote this series (i had originally thought it was Susan Foster, cause i rmember thinking some of her series and overall feeling that i got were similar to the series im looking for). Anyway, the main premise was that all the boys (i think) were supernatural creatures (Ezra's a vampire, Chris, Vin and Buck were some sort of special werewolves, Josiah and Nathan were different kinds of shapeshifters and i cant remember what JD was.....) but i distinctly remember that it was a western setting, and Vin had been captured or ran away from Chris and gets caught, but either way, Ezra finds him for Chris, stuff happens, and then Ezra runs away and then the whole gang goes after him.i also remember where Chris and co. save Ezra from dying in the desert where someone had tied him down to die.

Anyway, i tried to find it on BR and i looked through previous posts here, cause im pretty sure someone mentioned it before somewhere, but couldnt find a link....

Anyway, thanks in advance!

**found. Im an idiot. I just found it seconds after posting this entry, and apparently i just wasnt looking in the right place...not too mention, it IS by Susan Foster. *whacks self*

Nov. 13th, 2014



Exhausted Ezra almost shoots Chris

I am looking for a fic where Vin returns to town a few days late only to find Ezra about to collapse from exhaustion & the rest of the seven angry with him. Ezra is injured and almost shoots Chris when he tries to stop him from leaving town. It turns out that he had been having nightmares of Vin being shot & killed the entire time he was as gone.

I believe that it is "Vin/Ezra" but could just be a friendship fic. Please help.



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