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Aug. 24th, 2014


Vin out on the trail runs into an old acquaintance

Vin out on the trail runs into an old acquaintance from Vins bounty hunter days. They ride a ways together Vin ahead, the old friend slam his rifle against vins head. Vin comes to on the ground, the old friend tied vin leg to the horse, Vin had seen the man do this several time and knew the results were not good. Anyway the man take vin into town slung over his horse and Chris see this and comes running.

And thats what i remember any suggestion of what the title is.

Aug. 23rd, 2014

m7 seven men one destiny


Ezra having a stroke, Vin helping him recover

I'm desperately looking for a fic where Ezra has a stroke and Vin helps him. I think it's OW and the two are on patrol or something. Ezra ha a stroke and Vin helps with his immobility, the speech problems and so forth. The moment the others of the seven catch up with them Nathan wants to help but he's to overbearing for Ezra and so Vin takes charge. In the end Ezra recovers and to do something back to Vin he orders a book. Not sure what about but it's to help Vin or just simply as a pleasure for Vin. Not sure which. I hope someone can help me find it. It's driving me nuts. :-) Oh, I really believe this is a gen fic. With friendship bond between all the seven and especially between Vin and Ezra. No pairings as far as I can remember.

Aug. 21st, 2014


Learning to Improvise by Katherine

So some of the old websites finally went under, including Katherine's website, with all of her fic...especially the amazing OW Ezra/Vin fic series "Learning to Improvise". Somebody tell me this was posted somewhere else, because I'm going to seriously regret not saving a copy of it if it's not. Hugs to anyone who can find it!

Aug. 17th, 2014


LFS: Ezra and Bears

What can I say, I'm a glutton for h/c and my favorite gambler. I remember one story out there that I now cannot find: Ezra trudges into town, starving and bear-mauled, stops at a house (?) in 4C where there are pies on a window sill or table, and proceeds to eat from several, maybe ALL of them. Turns out, the pies were for a baking contest for the ladies. Meanwhile the boys discover him and determine that he was attacked by a bear. They all decide to go get the bear and insist that Ezra accompany them to show them the site of the attack. Camping that night, the bear shows up and attacks again - targetting JD, but Ezra intervenes, and both he and bear go over a cliff into a river. Or something like that... Anyone know it?

I know there are multiple stories involving confrontations with bears, or even with bear traps. I vaguely remember one where Ezra, JD, and Vin are children/teens - and Vin ends up stepping into a bear trap. Ezra stays with him and sends JD for help; Ezra gets the blame (naturally) even though the other two were the ones who insisted on exploring... anyone know it?

And finally, one where Ezra wades into a river to rescue two children trapped on a sandbar and instead encounters a submerged bear trap, nearly drowning, held up by a rota of the boys while Vin goes to get something to break the underwater chain trapping Ezra in place... anyone know that one?

And, of course, I'm ALWAYS partial to ones I don't yet know or don't recall! your assistance is greatly appreciated! MAC

Aug. 8th, 2014


Birgitta B's EM7

Ok, so I don't know what the use is for me to be looking for these fics because I've been on the most ridiculous scavenger hunt trying to track these down. Everything that I've searched through from 4 years ago is telling me that she was dissatisfied with the way that people were treating her works, so she looked them up and you need a password to read them. I love the EM7 series, I was an idiot not to have saved them to my computer way back when, and now I fear that I have lost them forever. I've tried to contact Brigitta, but her email, homepage, and any link to her stories have been disabled. I don't want to give up, and so I'm imploring to the masses: Does anyone know where I can find and read the amazing EM7 AU fan fictions by Brigitta B? I miss them, and I would truly appreciate the help.

Aug. 6th, 2014


Vin and Josiah fic

For some reason Vin is left with a drunk Josiah who is angry at someone and says that he is going to hurt this guy. Vin tries to stop him and in doing so Josiah picks Vin up and tries to crush him in a death grip. Vin calms Josiah down and takes him back to the church where Josiah passes out. After that Josiah wakes up and finds Vin sleeping on a pew and realizes what he did and apologies to Vin. At some point in the fic Josiah comments on how skinny Vin is and that somebody could crush him or hug him to death if they weren't careful. I read this a long, long time ago and I really loved it, but I forgot to favorite it and now I can't find it. Does anybody know this fic? Or even heard of it?


Civil War Fic

I can't find this fanfic.
Ezra is a prisoner of war from a platoon led by Chris
Years later they meet again
Can you help me?
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Aug. 1st, 2014

Heidi Black

Ezra relative dies

Hi all,
I just cannot find this story. ATF. Ezra requests time off from Chris but won't tell him why. Vin follows Ezra to, I think Boston, where Ezra's grandmother or aunt has died. Ezra gets very sick and the guys take care of him. I remember Vin and Chris watching Ezra at the gravesite. Can anyone help? Thank you.

Jul. 30th, 2014

Lynda Kaye Boots


I read "Happy Birthday to Me" by Kelly A and "Dinner" by Zentry on blackraptor. They put me on the mood for birthday stories. Anyone know anyone know of more? Thank you kindly.

Jul. 19th, 2014

Chibi Ezra Sunglasses


Migraine or headache

Vague description. But I know there are stories out there. I suffer from migraines myself, and would love to read a h/c of one of the seven peace keepers suffering from a headache, and how the others try to help.

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